Saturday, July 28, 2007

11:00 a.m.

With all this posting I'm sure some of you are bound to start getting tingly fingers. Or, some of you probably already have carpal tunnel. I've decided to share my carpal tunnel exercises with you all in an attempt to provide some relief. These are perfectly safe to do even if you don't have carpal tunnel, and a recommended as a preventative. Just do these steps every once in a while today when your hands start feeling uncomfortable.

Hope this helps!

Stand with arms relaxed at your side.

Lift right arm out in front, to shoulder level, palm of hand facing up. Spread fingers and bend wrist until fingers point to the floor.

Bring fingers and wrist out, forming a tight fist. Flex wrist toward you.

Bend elbow pulling fist toward the shoulder.

Rotate arms out towards side, arm still bent and fist held. Turn head toward fist.

Straighten elbow and fingers. Bend wrist, pointing fingers toward the floor. Slowly turn head toward the opposite shoulder. Repeat with the other arm.

Source: Carpal Tunnel Decompression Exercises. Developed by Houshang Seradge, M.D.


Maddo said...

He looks like Race Bannon.

Glo Paint said...

I have no idea who that is.