Saturday, July 28, 2007

5:30 p.m.

I'm taking this from the prompt on the main page at, since the memory is relevant to the theme of my blog.

My earliest memory is standing in the living room of my apartment. There is a recliner to my left and a recliner to my right,the seats of which are roughly at eye level with me. In front of me is a footrest about the same height of the recliners. Both of them are seventies orange and have a rough fabric. I have stretched a multi-colored pastel blanket which has been crocheted in a wave pattern and is slightly sparkly due to the silver threads interspersed in the yarn from the Ottoman to the recliner to my right, making a cave. I've taken two pillows from the couch behind me and put them inside.

I'm holding two books, which I was getting ready to put inside the cave as well, when one of my mother's schoolmates walks up. He is very tall, has shaggy blond hair, and a big smile.

"Would you like me to read one of those to you?"

And that is where the memory ends.


Kathy said...

Just about halfway through! That's such a nice first memory, too.

Maddo said...

That's an adorable memory. I have dim recollections of our apartment in Philadelphia, eating Top Ramen at a high table, my sister's crib, my mom picking me up from day care with my sister on her back because my babysitter was sick, and a very vivid one of getting a splinter from a bench in the park near our house and my parents holding me down and digging it out with a needle.