Saturday, July 28, 2007

7 a.m.

It's a good thing to have a job that requires me to stay up nights for four days every other week. After working grave shifts for a year and a half, I'm a pro at doing things that keep me alert while ignoring how tired I really am. The fact that I am already having trouble is a bit scary, but when I think about it I'm not much of a morning person anyway. Once I get some food in me and the sun comes up completely everything should be fine.

One of the easiest ways to force yourself into alertness is to get dressed. If you stay in your pajamas, your body assumes you're going to go to sleep at some point and stays groggy. If you get dressed, your body assumes you have a big day ahead of you and wakes up. At least that's how it has always worked for me.

Another trick I always use at work is brushing my teeth and washing my face. If I've been at work since midnight and 8 a.m. rolls around and I'm exhausted, I sneak off for a second to brush my teeth and splash some cold water on my face. It makes me feel less gross for one, and for another it's a normal wakeup activity, so it makes me more alert.

Well, I'm going to call this it and go make breakfast. I just looked on the main page of the Blogathon, and now I really want doughnuts. I make it a habit not to stock junk food in my house, unfortunately, so unless I duck out to the grocery store I won't be getting any. And I'm not about to make homemade donuts just for myself.

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Maddo said...

I find that the getting dressed, brushing teeth, washing face combo is very effective.