Saturday, July 28, 2007

7:30 p.m.

Blogathon Meme 2007 activate!

1. What charity are you blogging for, and why?
I am blogging for First Book, for reasons I detail in my first post. Basically I love books, and think everyone should have at least one!

2. What’s been the hardest part of the Blogathon for you, so far?
In all honesty, I have been exhausted the entire time. I got very little sleep last night. Finding things to keep me alert has been a challenge.

3. Did you have a sponsorship goal? Have you met it?
My sponsorship goal was $500, and I am currently at $495! So close, guys! I just need one more $5 sponsorship. That's two books for a child in need, you know.

4. What’s been fun for you, so far?
Everything! Commenting, trying to think of ways to cheer everyone else on, sharing my thoughts with an exhausted community.

5. Have you met anyone new and cool?
A couple people, in fact! Just a Geek and I were chatting back and forth for a while, but she had to drop. Anyone else want to hang out? =)

6. Assuming it were possible, would you choose, right now, to time-travel back to the beginning of the Blogathon, with an unflagging supply of energy, or to the end, exhausted but finished?
Exhausted, but finished. I love the sense of exhausted success.

7. What have you been eating today?
Homemade pancakes, fruit salad, homemade chicken strips, pizza, and tea, tea tea.

8. So… whatcha wearing?
A tie-dye shirt I made in eigth grade, ratty old jeans, and my trusty Batman fleece blanket.

9. Quick! Three truths and a lie:
I'm not sure what my natural hair color is, my eyes change color, I sew a lot but hate to do it, and I love pie. Quick, which is the lie? XD

10. What do you most want, right this second?
I'd like that five dollar sponsorship. Or, a second wind. Either or, really.


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Mmm... pieeee...

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You are so right.