Saturday, July 28, 2007

8:30 p.m.

Okay, I think I feel a bit of a second wind coming on!

I've been a bit jumpy at sounds in the kitchen today because of something that happened to me yesterday. I was in my room, innocently setting up this blog for the Blogathon, when I heard a sound like someone making a sandwich in the kitchen. A perfectly normal noise from our house, since my flatmate subsists on sandwiches, but he is out of town...

"Maybe one of the rats has escaped,"I mused to myself. I had just gotten them a new cage, and the bars in it were much bigger, so it was vaguely possible that they might have managed to squeeze out of it. I walk out into the living room and check their cage. The both are sitting there on the top floor looking at me and going "wut." I ponder this for a moment, put some laundry in the washing machine, and return to my blog.

Two minutes later, the noise resumes. This time I leave the room more quietly, so when I enter the kitchen I actually see the culprit.

There is a baby squirrel standing on my kitchen counter with a piece of bread in his mouth. He sees me, and his tail darts up into an exclamation point of fear before he takes a flying leap off the counter and runs for my patio doors. Unfortunately, the patio doors are closed (I still have no idea how he got in the house). I managed to open one for him, and he runs out, but drops his piece of bread. I stare at the bread for a moment, and then I figure "what the heck he earned it"and tossed it out after him.

Then, of course, I took a picture of him eating the bread.


mike said...

Looking at those eyes, it is obvious how he got inside and at the bread.


Glo Paint said...

I haven't ruled that one out

Maddo said...

Demon squirrel!

Glo Paint said...


Sarah said...

It's possessed!