Saturday, July 28, 2007

9:30 p.m.

Awww, thanks guys! Mike and Maddo both ended up donating, so I am now at $510 for First Book! The Brick is happy, too. His thanks are far cuter than mine. Observe:

I am off to do a happy dance to Pink Floyd's Coming Back to Life.

Also, I just got a mention on the front page, and I swear my voice dictation program makes me sound like I don't speak English. I'm probably slurring and then not proofreading properly because of the tired. Here is what it should have said:
My tip for surviving the Blogathon: "Raid your housemate's/mothers/own makeup case and do the most intricate tribal designs possible on your face and arms using lipstick, eyeliner, glitter, and mascara. Make sure to do your hair crazy too, perhaps with lots of tiny pigtails strewn about. Set up a fort in a dark room, and take sequences of pictures of you in the fort. Later, stage a one-person raid and destroy the entire edifice. Post the aftermath for a triumphant Blogathon finale!"

Dear blog gods: Please to be giving me functional hands again, kthx.


Kathy said...

Way to go on the front-page mention! You're still doing great., if you want to stop by!

Brandon said...

If you tried to explain the way the voice dictation program worked (like a practical 'say this'), would it actually type anything?

Glo Paint said...

I may be too tired to fully understand you question, but I can change modes on the program so it ignores commands/only does specific commands/ etc.