Friday, July 27, 2007

Necessary information for tomorrow

This blog is being maintained in support of First Book, a charity that uses donated funds to provide books to those in need. I had several other research funds and charities in mind when I decided to undertake this blogathon, but when I saw First Book on the suggested list it seemed like the right one to choose. Books and reading were a staple of my childhood, and continue to be a much-loved hobby into adulthood, so the thought of someone else being incapable of escaping and relaxing with their favorite book depresses me.

I would like to thank my uncle for being my initial sponsor, and giving me a generous donation of $20 per hour (or $10 per post.) I would also like to thank all my friends in advance, because I know that they are going to be supportive and helpful when it comes to keeping awake.

Finally, one small item to keep in mind: I am not actually typing this, but using a voice dictation program. I have a chronic condition that prevents me from being able to type or write for long periods of time. So, if you notice any odd word switches, it was probably the program's doing. I shall do my best to edit before posting, but I'm worried that in the wee hours of the morning my brain will be too fried to catch all the "speakos."

See you at 6 AM!


Kathy said...

Hi, I'm Kathy, and I'll be your Blogathon monitor--your cheerleader, basically, and the person who helps keep you from falling asleep. :)

Just wanted to say hi before we get started. See you tomorrow!

Glo Paint said...

Oh, excellent! I have a feeling I'll be needing a cheerleader after hour ten or so.

Thanks for the heads up!