Saturday, July 28, 2007

11:00 p.m.

Sarah: ohhh yeah, I was wondering when I should be coming over tomorrow? (plus I need directions/an address/location area thingy)
Wren: want to do 1 till whenever in teh afternoon?
Sarah: sure!
Wren: sounds good. Just go to Comic House, but drive half a blog past and hang a right into the alley before Alder.
Sarah: "half a blog".. I like that
Wren: OH GOD.
Sarah: xD
Sarah: ^^ YAY!
Wren: no!
Sarah: it means you are passionate about your blogathon! The blogger gods will be pleased
Wren: will they give me my hands back?!


Maddo said...

You can do it!

mike said...

We can't stop here. This is blog country.

Glo Paint said...

Where is that original quote from?