Sunday, July 29, 2007

3:30 a.m.

Since midnight I have experienced the joy of listening to the party next door. I got to listen to everyone arrive, greet each other, and head for the beer. An hour later, I got to smell them as they passed round the pot. After that, it was the drunken brawls. And now, we are to the sick "oh God, why did I mix alcohol and pot in that order it's time to go puke my guts out in the shrubbery!"

I must say, it has painted a rather odd soundtrack for the last stretch of my blogging.


Anonymous said...

your neighbor sounds like a douche.
or my brothers. whichever.

Glo Paint said...

They're classmates of mine. I'm living a block off-campus from my uni right now.

At least I was already planning on being awake.